Inspiring independence and prosperity for all.

Chicagoland is our home, and helping our community thrive is part of our DNA. To date, we’ve donated over $4.4 million to Chicagoland nonprofits focusing on housing-related causes. And through companywide volunteer opportunities, office initiatives and our Volunteer Time Off program, our agents, loan officers and staff have volunteered thousands of hours of their time to organizations that are making a difference in our communities.

Welcome to Good Will Works.

Good Will Works is the latest evolution of our charitable arm, formerly known as the Good Will Network. As we thought about how to expand our reach, we realized our company giving mission didn’t encapsulate everything we wanted to achieve within Good Will Works.

Our mission is bigger than shelter — it’s about strengthening communities as a whole, so the people who live there can lead healthy, safe and prosperous lives. That’s why we approach giving back in three tiers: as individuals, as offices and as a company. 

View our Good Will Works 2022 Community Impact Report here.

As individuals

One of the biggest changes in Good Will Works is how we support individual giving. We know our people are already giving their time and money to causes and nonprofits that are important to them, so we are helping make an even bigger impact by offering matching grants for volunteer time and donations they make to those 501(c)(3) organizations.

As offices

Our offices focus on giving back to communities locally — that means 501(c)(3) organizations that focus on addressing essential human needs. Every office is empowered to volunteer, host fundraising events and use their annual Good Will Works office grants in the ways they think support their community and neighbors best.

As a company

At the company level, our focus is strengthening communities and helping people achieve independence and prosperity through homeownership, and we do that through companywide volunteer events and partnerships with local organizations that work in housing, shelter and community, financial empowerment, fair housing, and racial equity. Learn more about our companywide giving here.


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