Mobility solutions for companies on the move.

Baird & Warner Mobility Solutions are designed to help corporations recruit and retain the top talent they need to keep their business moving forward.

We’ll make the job easier.

With Baird & Warner Mobility Solutions, we’ll make the job easier for your human resources and recruiting teams from start to finish during local, cross-country or international relocations.

Our relationship with trusted partners will help us tailor a program to meet your needs. Services include:

  • Individual Needs Assessment. We’ll determine your needs and how to best implement a plan.
  • Real Estate Services. Get personal service and expert help in home valuation, buying, selling and renting.
  • Relocation Policy Planning & Development. Let us help you create and adopt the best relocation policies for your company.
  • Expense Management and Tax Planning. We’ll develop tailored policies to help you and the transferee cut costs.
  • Household Movers. We can orchestrate the move, insurance, audit, billing and more.
  • Home Financing. Loan officers from Key Mortgage Services can offer competitive rates and flawless execution.
  • Corporate Temporary Housing. Let us help find short-term and short notice housing at top residential spots.
  • Preferred Professional Network. If the origin or destination is outside of Chicagoland, we know who to call for excellent service.
  • Customized Tours. We’ll make sure your employees get a personal tour of the area.
  • Integrated Systems. You’ll have one point of contact to make it all a whole lot easier.
  • Language and Cultural Diversity Support. We partner with a variety of firms to make things multicultural friendly.
  • Landtrust National Title. Ranked one of the top five in Illinois, they’ll help make sure your employee’s closing is seamless.
  • Educational Resources. Let us give you insight and guidance on local schools.

For more information, contact us.