Full service at your service.

The Baird & Warner full-service approach helps turn an intricate, complex process into one that is smarter and more seamless every step of the way.

Negotiation is where we shine.

Your Baird & Warner real estate agent knows that smart negotiation begins with correctly pricing your home. From there, getting you as close to your asking price as possible involves knowing where there’s leeway for give and take and the role timing can play.

When it’s time to close, your agent will make it easier by managing the details and the team working on your behalf, including appraisers, loan officers, title attorneys and home inspectors.

And because the rest of your life doesn’t go away when you’re selling a home, Baird & Warner has 30 convenient locations to complete your closing.

With Baird & Warner Title Services, you’ll have access to a network of 1,000 local real estate attorneys who have been vetted to ensure they offer the best expertise, service and integrity.

Because of your Baird & Warner real estate agent’s connections with Key Mortgage, you can get a complimentary second look at offers from potential buyers. Knowing the financial strength of your buyer ahead of time can help you make better decisions and ensure an easier closing.