Five Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades -
Five Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades

Is your kitchen beginning to look out of date, but you don’t have the money for a wall to wall remodel? You don’t have to have the fanciest and most expensive appliances to make your kitchen look new. You can update painlessly with these five budget-friendly kitchen upgrades.

Refreshed Hardware
Installing new hardware is a novel way of upgrading your kitchen, offering a subtle and fresh change. It will make enough of a difference for friends and family to notice without quite knowing exactly what the change is. Hardware, like knobs and pulls, is very affordable and can be found online or at any home improvement store.

Simple Shelves
If your shelving is looking old or you have empty, wasted space, then installing simple shelves can be a great way to improve your kitchen and create room for storage. You can cut shelves to size, paint or stain to your liking, and then replace the old with the new. Alternatively, shelves don’t need to be confined to cabinetry. They can be suspended from the ceiling or secured to the wall with chains, rope or hidden braces.

Fewer Doors
Create an open and spacious feeling in your kitchen by removing the cabinet doors. You can build fancy frames around the newly opened cabinets, or install fabric “doors” by suspending the fabric to dowels hung above the shelving.

Updated Barstools
Shop around for a few new barstools. See what IKEA, the Internet and your favorite furniture stores have to offer. Go bold! Find a stool that also serves as an accent piece to really strike a unique color design.

New Decor
A new piece of art or simple decorations – like frames, mirrors or fruit – can really invigorate a room. You don’t have to spend big money on one piece of decor. Hunt for a deal that speaks to you and belongs in your kitchen.