How to Buy the Right Vacuum –
How to Buy the Right Vacuum

There are hundreds of makes, models, and varieties of vacuum cleaners available for purchase. Trying to decide which one is right for you can induce a major headache! Consider these factors next time you find yourself comparison shopping through a wall of vacuums.

Check Consumer Reviews
Consumer reviews are a great source for informed opinions. Paying for a subscription to Consumer Reports is an option, but visiting online forums can offer much of the same information for free. Reading about other people’s experiences can save you money on a bad purchase, and maybe you will find the perfect vacuum for your home in the process.

Think About Pet Hair
Dogs and cats are a vacuum cleaner’s worst enemy. The extra hair can bind roll bars, clog bristles and reduce the efficiency of your vacuum. If you have indoor pets, expect to spend more money on a vacuum with greater suction power. (Here are some additional tips for getting rid of pet hair.)

Consider Square Footage
How many square feet does your vacuum need to cover? What are the floors covered in? If you have a lot of tile, linoleum or hardwood, then you won’t need as powerful of a vacuum compared to a home covered in thick carpet. Also, consider the fact that a canister or a bag can only hold so much material. The larger the home, the larger the canister will need to be, or the more often you will need to empty the contents.

Compare the Motor
Many modern vacuum cleaners boldly advertise 12 AMPS, but amperage does not necessarily equate to a stronger vacuum. The only thing amps guarantees is how much energy the appliance costs to operate. The higher the amps, the more electricity it pulls from your wall. The power is in the motor. You want to know if the motor is powerful, efficient and prone to overheating.