Living Room Storage Solutions -
Living Room Storage Solutions

When you hear the word “storage,” big, plastic containers likely come to mind. However, storage does not need to involve sticking everything in a tub, throwing a lid on it and hiding it in the nearest closet. Storage can be dual purpose, adding style and function to a room.

Outside of storage bins, the most obvious form of living room storage is shelving. Whether it’s a shelf hung on a wall, a bookshelf or the shelves of your built in television cabinet, a shelf is an opportunity to make your storage visual. Organize the usual contents of books and dvds with fun bookends to match the feel of your room. At your local vintage and antique stores you will likely be able to find more unique items that, although not originally intended as bookends, serve the same purpose.

Next, try using your shelves to store more unexpected items. Your kids’ craft projects, family heirlooms and pieces of china, for instance. These items will make your living room feel more personal, and they will allow you to store these sentimental items somewhere that you can appreciate them each day.

In addition to shelving, baskets and chests are stylish and functional forms of storage. Whether a basket or chest is passed down, bought at a home goods store or found at an antique shop, how you use it and what you put in it can change its feel. Try a nice wicker or woven basket to store blankets in a corner of the room. A chest is a great item to use as an ottoman, additional seating or a coffee table, because items can be put inside as well as on top.  Try using a chest to store extra sofa pillows or your favorite board games.

Incorporating stylish and functional storage, that still cuts the clutter, will make your living room more livable.