Create Your Own Holiday Decor -
Create Your Own Holiday Decor

Whether you’re the official holiday host or just trying to bring a little holiday spirit into your home, seasonal decor is essential. Before you run out to buy a bunch of plastic snowmen and mass-market snowflakes, try a few of these DIY holiday decorations.

  • Dig into that summer storage bin, and revive your outdoor party lights. String them throughout your home alongside garland, up the stairs or overhead. This will give your home a wintery village-like feel.

  • There will never be enough holiday-worthy scents wafting through your home. You can bake a few holiday treats just before your guests arrive, or you can fake it with vanilla, spice or cinnamon scented candles and sprays.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix materials this season. Feathers, deep woods, crystal accents, glitter, gold, plush velvet throws and evergreen wreaths or garlands are all fun to incorporate. Bring the majesty of the season into your home in unexpected ways.

  • Personalize the classic holiday pieces. Update wreaths and seasonal accessories with pictures of your family, monograms or even some of the materials mentioned above.

  • Props are your friend! Wrap a few empty boxes with holiday paper and bows and sprinkle fake snow. Outdoorsy elements like twigs, pine cones and logs will bring the beauty of the season without the true trouble of their real counterparts.

There’s no need to stick to the traditional holiday décor. Think outside the box to surprise your family and guests with unexpected color palettes, textures and personalized accessories.