Winter Proof Your Windows -
Winter Proof Your Windows

The winter months are quickly approaching, which could bring unbearably cold weather and high heating bills. To avoid this, you will want to know how to winter proof your windows. Here are five cost-saving tips to insulate your drafty windows this winter:

Build a Plastic Barrier
The easiest way to prevent heat from escaping your home is by placing plastic wrap over your windows. This creates a seal between the window and plastic to keep air inside. Window insulation kits are found at most hardware stores. To use, simply put double-sided tape around the window frame and attach a piece of cut plastic to the double-sided tape. Just make sure to leave an extra inch of plastic wrap around the frame because the plastic will shrink. After the tape and plastic have set, heat the plastic wrap with a blow dryer to remove any wrinkles and create a tight barrier. Easy, inexpensive and effective!

Caulk or Weatherstrip All Cracks
Another reason why your window is drafty could be because its caulking is worn down. This can be easily fixed by using a caulking gun to fill any cracks around a window frame.

Use a Foam Sealant
An instant foam sealant is another easy and inexpensive way to prevent heat from leaving your windows. It’s a glue-based substance that expands two to three times its size once used. Before spraying the glue, make sure the area around your window is clean. Once the glue has been sprayed, keep children away and be careful not to touch it. The foam takes a few hours to set. After it has fully set, you can remove any excess glue using a knife or paint scraper.

Hang Cellular Shades or Layered Curtains
Cellular shades are great for insulation but still allow light in and can be custom-fitted for your windows. They are also easy to find at any home improvement store. If cellular shades fail to fully insulate your windows, layered or heavy curtains are another option. Layered curtains are specifically designed to prevent heat from escaping your windows. They also look great and can be matched to your home décor.

Make a Draft Snake
Draft snakes or draft tubes are placed on a windowsill to prevent heat from escaping. They are cheap and easy to make by simply sewing a tube of fabric to fit the width of your window and filling it with dried rice.

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