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First things first. Get licensed.

To enter the exciting, meaningful, high earning-potential world of real estate, you’ll need to take classes, pass exams and affiliate with an established real estate agency. Whew! If that sounds like a lot of work, well, it is. But here at Baird & Warner, we work together to make it easier for those just getting started.

Pre-licensing and Illinois Realtors® Real Estate Courses.

Unlike most real estate brokerages, Baird & Warner has its own branch of licensing school within Illinois Realtors(R) with a strong curriculum and small classes to encourage learning and engagement. We’re picky about our instructors. That’s why they are all active agents and can provide real-life experience to our students. Getting your license is a big investment of your time, so choose the highly respected real estate company that set the standard in training and wants to see you succeed.

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Learn business fundamentals with BW Achieve.

Pre-licensing classes will teach you some of what you need to know about real estate. But being a real estate agent is also about being an entrepreneur and running your own business. Taught by successful agents themselves, BW Achieve is a seven day training program that takes place over two weeks. You’ll learn how to write a business plan, generate leads, build relationships and other fundamentals of a successful real estate career all from people who have actually done it themselves!

Find out if you’re cut out for a real estate career.

Motivated, enthusiastic and like to work. If that’s you, then real estate may be your future. Our quick assessment is fun to do and you might learn something about yourself.


Training and mentoring, simplified. Learn how to build your business.

Choose a brokerage to work with.

Once you complete the prelicensing course and pass your exam, you’ll need to choose a sponsoring real estate brokerage in order to get your license. Your future depends on you finding a place that cares about you and provides the mentoring you need to get off to a great start. At Baird & Warner, full-time, nonselling managers in each office are committed to helping you gain hands-on experience in every facet of buying and selling real estate. In a business that’s highly competitive, we work together. Learn more  about us.


Five questions to ask in your interview.

In your search for a sponsoring brokerage, you might meet with more than one real estate company. Our advice? Ask questions and try to get a feel for their culture.

  1. How would I be trained or coached? Is there training throughout my career? Is there a fee?
  2. What is your office culture like? Do agents collaborate with each other?
  3. Are there expenses I can plan for? How much can I expect to earn my first year?
  4. What type of marketing, tools and other resources can I count on to help me succeed?
  5. Will I have to pay extra for basic business tools I’ll need to be successful? (flyers, brochures, agent website?)

Complimentary career seminars.

If you want to learn more about the process of getting your license and launching a career in real estate, we invite you to one of our complimentary seminars. Or contact us today to learn more.

 Baird & Warner Arlington Heights Office

  • 210 W Northwest Highway, Arlington Heights 
  • February 6th 
  • 6 – 8 pm 

Baird & Warner Lincoln Park Office 

  • 2526 N Lincoln Ave, Lincoln Park
  • February 6th 
  • 4 – 6 pm

Baird & Warner South Loop Office 

  • 620 S Dearborn St, Chicago 
  • February 26th 
  • 4-6 pm

Baird & Warner Lake Zurich Office

  • 100 E Main St, Lake Zurich 
  • Multiple Dates: 1/27, 2/24, 3/30, 4/27, 5/18, 6/22, 7/20, 8/17, 9/21, 10/19, 11/16. 
  • 6 – 7:30 pm 

Looking to earn income without actively selling? We’ve got a solution.

Let’s say you have your Illinois license but want more flexibility than a full-time real estate profession. The Baird & Warner Referral Associates Network (RAN) is a holding company that lets you earn income by placing referrals – without paying MLS or company fees. Learn more