Meet Terrance Adams; a person whose greatest passion is Real Estate. He is dedicated to his craft along with being a very skilled communicator and people person. These very traits Terrance embodies, are motivating as well comforting to have at your side while making one of the biggest decision of your life. You will notice a unique type of REALTOR in Terrance. The experience that Terrance has in real estate dates back 7 years, beginning in property management. Terrance’s career in property management sparked his interest in the real estate and he has been able to carry over that experience into becoming a licensed real estate broker.

Terrance grew up in the near west side of Chicago. Being minutes away from the downtown area, his admiration for the amazing architecture and investing interest in multi-unit buildings began early. Terrance later attended Northern Illinois University where he first became familiar with suburban real estate as well. As his first time living outside the city he took an interest in his suburban surroundings and went on to buy his very first home with his fiancé in Plainfield, IL.

Feel free to reach out to Terrance, for buying, selling, renting or even investing in real estate. As said before Terrance’s knowledge and skill set goes far and beyond the world of real estate. Being a very understanding individual he knows that learning “people” is important first! The goals of his clients come first and Terrance will do everything possible to ensure his clients are happy.



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