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Having grown up for all of my youth in the small town of North Riverside, I have always had the appreciation of community, and the value that being a home owner brings to it. Watching my mom be given the keys for the first time was a great feeling. It is definitely one of the main reasons I wanted to get into the real estate business. I strive to pass that feeling on with the skills that I acquired with my time in field. Searching for properties, negotiating price, and being there step by step all the way through closing are just some of the ways working with an agent like myself can bring value to your experience. And it doesn't stop after you get the keys, clients of mine are life long clients. You get to know a good carpenter here and there too, and we all know getting recommendations for trusted contractors could be the difference in a smooth repair or a major headache.  Becoming a home owner doesn't have to be as hard as some might think, it could actually be pretty easy.......when you have the right agent helping you! I look forward to establishing a life long connection and being able to pass on the feelings of joy, excitement, and ease with your next real estate transaction.