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The expert next door

Arrick Pelton is the voice of clarity in the overcomplicated world of real estate. Thoughtful, thorough, and down to earth, Arrick helps his clients actualize their dreams, without letting the complications of buying and selling real estate get in the way.

Every single client matters

Think of Arrick as your go-to real estate guy, the knowledgeable and high integrity partner who’s always on your side. His team of experts keeps a steady focus on helping you find the home you will love, while protecting your interests. No ulterior motives. No BS. Just a genuine interest in your success. Clients often compliment him on his consistent and dedicated energy and passionate approach throughout the home buying and selling experience. Arrick is truly focused on what really matters to you, whether it’s your dream of a center entrance Colonial, your desire for a dedicated WFH office, or access to a charming downtown district. He’ll connect the necessary dots to find the amenities and style you want.

Making the dream easy

Arrick’s client-centric expertise is based around actual client needs and his own experience as well. As someone who moved to the Western suburbs almost two decades ago, he’s well versed on the nuances of the area. He has an instinct for identifying exactly what needs to be done to not only bring you not just the hottest listings, but those among the bunch that are the right listings for you. Arrick is innovative and tech-savvy, and he gives you the exact tools you need at every stage of the process. He works harder than the next broker, and has the grit to keep going, no matter the challenge. Above all, Arrick takes pride in the integrity of a job well done and is driven to help you find the home that provides what we all long for: a uniquely fulfilling sense of community and belonging.

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