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I am a Real Estate Broker specializing in divorcing couples real estate. If you and your spouse have decided your home must be sold, my goal as a Broker is to help you and your spouse maximize the real estate in your marital estate, in the shortest period of time, with the least inconvenience, and with the greatest privacy and confidentiality. In addition, I have a resource network of professionals that I can recommend to you dedicated to reaching out to divorcing couples as they embark on the most difficult journey of their lives. My network includes a Mortgage Loan Officer, a Life Stress Coach and a Wealth Manager. Why choose me? 1) Helping you make the best real estate decisions is my chosen area of concentration. I am a Certified Divorce Specialist. The home is often the largest single asset and equity class, thus my real estate broker's advice from the outset is critical. 2) I will help ensure that the divorcing couple comes to an agreement on the sale, thus avoiding the huge cost of court involvement. 3) I am a member of the National Association Of Divorce Professionals. I am backed by a 167 year old privately owned Chicago company's reputation and resources, from Streeterville to Highland Park, Riverside to Geneva, including multi-talented, bilingual, veteran, Broker Associates at the ready to co-broker with me when necessary. 5) I am the point person from contract through closing. Initially, I create a team including myself and one or more mortgage loan officers. We review all real estate so the divorcing couple can make decisions about refinancing, sale and/or purchase, in state, out of state or out of the country. 6) I introduce the divorcing couple to our Private Listing Network. The PLN creates the opportunity to sell without being listed on the MLS, ensuring even greater privacy and confidentiality.