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Lake Zurich -  847.726.2100

Hi, I’m Peter Janusas and welcome to my website!

I don’t quit!  I’ve built my entire business philosophy and real estate career around the concept that once we start working together, I will never give up on you or your real estate goals until we succeed. That’s just how I’m wired…I will never quit you! I also want to make sure you know the strategies and winning concepts involved in a real estate transaction, because the more you know, the smarter the decisions you will be able to make. So my goal is not just to provide you exceptional service and results, it’s also to make sure you are knowledgeable and in an extraordinary position to make smart choices.

While it’s true that buying or selling in the today’s real estate market can be a complex, high-stress and time-consuming endeavor, I am here to help you navigate through it all. 

If you’re a SELLER you may wonder:

  • What improvements should I make to get my home ready to sell? 

  • What price should I place on my home?

If you’re a BUYER you may wonder:

  • How can I make sure I don’t overpay?

  • Will what I buy be good for resale when I’m ready to sell?

The answer to these questions and many more can be found with my help.

How you as a SELLER will benefit when you work with me:

  • I will work to get you the highest price for your property in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of inconvenience.

  • We will stage your home so it will have maximum appeal. I have an eye for aesthetic design that will help us do just that. 

  • My top priority will be creating a personalized and extremely effective marketing plan just for you and your home

  • We will use professional, enhanced “High Definition” photographs to showcase your home to the fullest. 

  • One of my strongest skills is negotiating on your behalf.

  • I do not practice “Dual Agency”. That means I will never represent a buyer negotiating

against you.   

  • I will guide and counsel you with the utmost care and understanding. I will be with you every step of the way…from start to the closing table. 

How you as a BUYER will benefit when you work with me:

  • You and I will discuss just exactly what kind of home you want, when you want it and in detail, how we are going to get you there.

  • You will receive a customized home search of your target market as well as daily updates of any new listings that come on the market meeting your criteria.

  • I will help you find the best financing for your purchase.

  • I will guide you through inspection issues as these can be very tricky.

  • I do not practice “Dual Agency”. That means I will never represent a seller negotiating

against you.

  • One of my strongest skills is negotiating on our behalf.

  • When we find the right home, I will guide you through every step of the process and be with you from start to final celebration!


Here are a few more things that may help you decide if I’m the best person to help you.

  • I specialize in helping people buy and sell real estate all throughout the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

  • Helping people is what I do. 

  • Perseverance is my middle name.

  • This is my full time profession and my passion.

  • I live in Lake Zurich with my wife and daughter and know the entire surrounding area and communities like the back of my hand.

  • You talk…I promise I will listen!

  • It’s all about you…You come first. I promise to go above and beyond!


 Please give me a call, text or email and let’s set a time to get together to see how I can help you. NO pressure…NO obligation…NO cost!

I look forward to meeting you!