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Nancy Przybycien

Orland Park

Making the move to Baird and Warner is one of the best decisions of my life.

My passion in the real estate industry is based around a dedication to help others in the service industry to find that perfect “nest” for their families. I give that credit to my father who was a huge influence on me from childhood.  He owned seven homes in his day, some for residence, some for rental and I vividly remember the excitement I felt when he took me with him to “view a new property,” so that his customer could find their perfect home.   My love of people fits well into the real estate industry, and the simple fact of helping someone find a perfect home brings me endless satisfaction.

I obtained my first RE license back in my early twenties and loved it then.  As we all know, life sometimes takes us in different directions, and I ended up working in the airline industry for many years.

That experience taught me even deeper to not only “listen” but better yet, “hear” what people really needed and help them reach their destination. 

Combining those skills of servicing people brings me full circle back to what I enjoy the most, helping people find the solutions to their needs in finding their starter, family, rental, or retirement home.

Times change, but one thing remains the same, people have dreams of the homes they desire and the location of where they want to live.  My passion remains the same to dedicate myself to assist those clients to help them reach their destination and find that perfect home.