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ArtHouse Chicago/BairdWarner is the premier web site and real estate firm connecting creative people with live/work and unique spaces.  The goal of ArtHouse Chicago is to have a web site and real estate service dedicated to live/work space and only live/work space.

ArtHouse Chicago listings meet three criteria:

1.                  Unique and interesting space/architecture
2.                  Flexible space that allows for a live/work option
3.                  Other features that appeal to artists and small businesses:

ArtHouse Chicago offers advice on buying, renting, and selling.  We can connect our clients with lenders, community organizations and government entities that specialize in identifying, acquiring, and maintaining these unique spaces

Melissa Stanley opened her own real estate brokerage, Niche Realty, in 2007. In 2010, she decided to find her own unique niche and created ArtHouseChicago. This was a chance for Ms. Stanley to combine her love of architecture and real estate.

Melissa grew up in an art-loving family. Her mother lived in Manhattan in the 1960’s, working as an abstract painter; she stopped painting to raise a family but is painting again. Her father was an art historian who focused on architecture and design.  Ms. Stanley graduated from Alfred University with a BFA before moving to Italy for a year and then on to Chicago.

Melissa worked for ten years as a property manager before moving to real estate in 2001. Ms. Stanley is a regular presenter at the Chicago Artist Expo and has worked with several artists and art organizations, helping them find or sell the unique spaces they need as artists.