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Bill Cassidy

Broker Associate

Love thy Neighbor(hood)!
That’s my motto in life AND in real estate.

Experience matters.
I have over 20 years of experience as a Realtor. Guiding home sellers and buyers through complex transactions has prepared me for most every situation. Have I seen it all? No, but I have learned from experience that no two transactions are alike, and every sale requires attention to every detail.

Uprooting your family and your life is stressful. 
Clearly communicating throughout the process is the key to minimizing your family’s stress.

Real estate is a data driven, analytical business. 
Mining information from a multitude of key sources helps me to uncover the hidden trends that can mean the difference between a win for you or a BIG win.  

Real estate transactions are incredibly complex. 
An important part of my job anticipating any potential pitfalls ahead, while working to protect your interests. There are so many outside factors to consider. The local market, political events and human factors (and more} can all create challenges to a successful closing.

Buying? Selling? Investing? Downsizing or Upsizing… I got You!
Over the course of two decades in real estate, I have guided my clients through most every life transition. Whether you are buying a first home, selling the beloved family two story for a                ‘senior friendly’ ranch, or any scenario in between, I would love to help you move on to the next  chapter of your life.

I’m from here!
Born and raised in the area, my clients tell me they value my knowledge of our area’s diverse housing market. When you get to know me, you will see that I balance an easygoing manner with a competitive nature.

Let’s work together!
Call today and let’s see if we are a fit for each other.