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Aude-line Haxhi

Broker Associate

Oak Park/River Forest -  708.697.5900

Born and raised in France, the hospitality industry brought me to Chicago in 2014. As “home is where you make it”, one husband and two children later and I couldn’t hope for better, Chicagoland has become my new home. 

Thanks to my experience working in hotels & travel agencies, I learned to be attentive to my clients’ needs and expectations in order to provide a high quality of service and create strong relationships. There is no better reward for me than your satisfaction.

So why did I go into Real Estate?

- My family's accomplishments in the construction/investment business is one of my inspirations.

- I find the variety of housing styles within the same areas incredibly rich and interesting.

- I enjoy getting to know new people and helping them realize their dreams.

Let me tell you that it doesn’t matter where I am, I will always call France my home as we also say, “home is where your heart is” (and part of mine stayed there). 

Therefore, whether you wish to make it home or because this is where your heart is, let me help you with your next real estate transaction and make it REAL(I)TY!

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