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Isael Calderon

Broker Associate

Being in a multicultural environment has given me a sense of integrity and a diverse perspective. I have lived in Brookfield for about 10 years and am quite familiar with the surrounding neighborhoods. I am highly motivated, energetic, and supportive. Growing up, my family was constantly moving, and I felt our need to fit in. Everyone was so fixated on owning and building equity as opposed to renting a single bedroom apartment. I came to an understanding of multiple cultures and the need for being a part of society and I want everyone to find affordable housing and have equal lending opportunities. Attending LTHS in Western Springs has been a privilege. In part of being in a good education system, I was lucky enough to attend a well-recognized school that always encouraged me and pushed me to do better. I believe that education and knowledge is "key”, it is one of the reasons why I am attending College Of DuPage, striving to receive a degree in Business Management. I realized early on I have a passion for Real Estate and its architecture, it is why I got into Real Estate. With the mindset of an Investor, I believe that working together with constant communication, while guiding every step of the way, as a Team, is the best decision one can make for any future investment.