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Nicholas Murray

Broker Associate

Gold Coast

The buying and selling of real estate is a huge decision. It bears with it the inherent risk of a large financial transaction, no one can deny that. I wish to be your advocate and partner in this transaction. It is my hope to take the stress and risk out of equation or at least mitigate it by keeping you informed with the best possible information about the market place. In doing so, this puts you in the best possible position to make a decision for you and your family.

My background is in economics. I studied at Tulane University in New Orleans and worked for 30 years at the CME and CBOT covering large money center banks and helping them hedge their interest rate risk. I grew up downstate from Chicago, in Centralia IL, and moved here after my schooling. I understand what makes these markets work, what drives them, neighborhood influences and market forces outside local forces. I believe that my background can be invaluable to you. My ultimate goal is to bring a more thoughtful approach to any real estate transaction for the benefit of all concerned.

I would love to partner with you to buy your new home, to sell the home that you love but have out grown, or move you downtown after your kids have flown the coop. The possibilities are endless and I can help with all of them. It's my job and I enjoy it tremendously.