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I've been a Realtor® since I was ten years old. My mom was (and still is) a real estate broker. While growing up, I rode my bike to my mom's office after school where I would find an empty desk, pull up a chair, and do my homework. When a client or potential client walked in, there I was, listening. I absorbed it all. I tagged along on tours. On weekends, I accompanied my mom to open houses. I had no idea that I was in training but, in training, I was. So, yes, I've been immersed in the real estate business since I was ten years old. Being a broker is my biological inheritance. You could say it's in my DNA. Because of my upbringing, I know the importance of being an expert with all of the technical aspects of the business (of which I am on top of — 24/7) but I'm also a natural for the other important part of real estate, which I always observed: the emotional side. Translation: I'm the erudite Realtor®, who knows you're human. And that's why my work style is so exceptionally client-centered. I understand your property represents more than just a place for you to call home — it’s a real-life dream for yourself and for your family. I know how to support you with this because I watched my mom help dreams come true for her clients, all my life. And when it's time to sell, I'll move heaven and earth (and plenty of furniture) to ensure you have a seamless experience so you can move on to making your next dream come true. This what I do because this is who I am. Did I mention I'm a certified stager? I also have an entire team of professionals standing by. My marketing manager and ad copywriter are masters at capturing attention to a your home — especially a luxury home and I have a range of other industry resources at the ready. All of the reasons above are probably why I became one of the first recipients of the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation for the Western Suburbs, and a forerunner in the luxury market. You can count on me having all of the certifications and designations that will enable me to exceed your expectations. I take particular pride in two of my most recent accomplishments: maintaining my membership in the Founder's Club — top 1% company-wide (for four years and running), and admittance to The Luxury Institute's Million Dollar Guild, an international designation awarded only to luxury agents who have met stringent performance standards in the luxury market. I'm proud of my tangible accomplishments, but the intangibles mean more to me. There really is no feeling like having a happy client. So, at the end of the day, you can rest assured that my passion around this business is second to none. It all comes to me naturally. It's in my DNA.