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Gold Coast
Born in San Francisco and raised in the sun kissed Petaluma Valley just south and west of the most popular wine country regions of Northern California. My family has been in California since before it was a state on my father's side and my mother's side comes from Mexico and across the Midwest plains out of Omaha, Nebraska. Wanderlust was instilled in me during my adolescent years. It was my desire to see the rest of the US that brought me out of the West into Chicago. Arrived here (Chicago) on the eve of the wedding for a high school friend. The attraction was instant. A little over a year later I arrived on a particularly cold night in February with two suitcase and a backpack. No contacts, no job and no place to live. It's been almost nine years since I made Chicago my home and base of operations to see the rest of the world and not a day goes by do I regret the move. I've since made it my business to help others find their place to call home in Chicago and the surrounding area!