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Farrell Turner

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My name is Farrell Turner and I moved to Glen Ellyn, IL four years ago with my husband and our growing brood. During that relatively short period of time, we have fallen in love with our adopted home town, and I am happy to tell anyone I meet allllll about it!

While my background is in design and sales, while studying for my real estate license, I recognized another of my passions: helping people find what they are looking for in what is possibly a new community for them.

My husband is from the East Coast and I am from Memphis, TN (Go Grizzlies!) and we have no family around... We had no context in which to place the real estate search we were taking on and had to do quite a bit suburb shopping. While we toured various towns on the weekends, I was also scouring the internet for any tidbits of info I could find. The information was pretty generic and not extremely helpful in giving a sense of place. It was also not helping me come up with ways to decide where to land... We were left looking at simplistic (and pretty unreliable) school "grades" and tax rates to make this big decision for our family. We were frustrated.

Fast forward a few years, and I am now a licensed real estate agent based out of the western suburbs of Chicago - this area of the country that my family has come to call home. I want anyone who is looking at moving to Glen Ellyn or any of the western suburbs to be able to come to me to ask questions, to get a sense of place, to find guidance in the who/what/where/when of making a move to a place that you've never lived before (or perhaps are returning to after a long time away). Of course I will provide helpful information about real estate and the guidance and confidence you’re looking for when making what is likely one of your largest financial decisions.

I do run a blog (www.movingtothewesternburbs.com) where you can get some general questions answered, but if you want more information and personalized guidance, I would LOVE the opportunity to help you find your future hometown.