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So you’ve found the famous “About Me” section where I’m supposed to give you a bulleted list of everything about me that would make you want to use me as your agent. Truth is, you don’t need this section to find out anything you can’t already find online.  You can type my name on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and learn way more about me than you could by reading a boring biography.

You’ve probably read other boring bios of agents that talk about how they’re the #1 agent in a particular category or how many homes they’ve sold in their careers. Kudos to them for their past success, but that’s not important to me and I’ve stopped setting financial goals because they really don’t fulfill a specific purpose. These are my goals:

  • Did I listen to my client’s needs and do my best to fulfill them (legally and ethically?)
  • Did I do the best I could for my client throughout the transaction?

If I can answer “Yes” to both of those questions, then I succeeded no matter how many homes I sell or how much I earn.

No one’s perfect. There are plenty of non-perfect agents (including me) and just as many client-zillas. The perfect agent-client relationship is the one where both parties listen to each other, respect each other’s opinions and feelings, and collaborate to accomplish the final objective, which is to close on the purchase or sale of a home.

I'd love to collaborate with you. After you've finished searching me on social media, contact me!