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A lifelong Illinois resident, Mark was born in the Carbondale area, obtained his Finance Degree from Elmhurst College, and came to the South Suburbs to raise his family in 1993.  For over 25 years Mark has established a strong reputation within the community building his experience within the sales force, and most recently owning a local insurance firm. Working with builders, business owners and families of varying vocations and financial resources, Mark understands all sales are people driven, and making your client's top priority is the key to success.  Gathering insight from his rehabs, rentals and remodels, Mark is expanding his investment guidance within the community to include real estate.  Coupling his financial background with his negotiation skills and local market knowledge will give buyers a unique edge in the today's market.  On his off-time, Mark enjoys family, coaching his son's sports teams and cruising the South Side in his Classic Mercury. Give Mark a call at 708-612-2782.