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I am here to help you find the place that sets you free to do more of what matters to you. As a 4th generation realtor, award-winning marketer and design director, clients trust me to have the taste, sensibilities, knowledge of the market and the skillful tact needed to successfully advise them with one of your life’s biggest investments - your home.


How do I do real estate differently?


By listening to what you say–and by hearing what you mean.

By knowing the city, yet loving that there is always more to discover–particularly through your eyes.

By studying the housing market and understanding the forces at play behind one of the most integral drivers of the economy - real estate

By believing and practicing that you get more with honey than vinegar.

And by always carrying and relying on my bullsh*t detector.


I wouldn't settle for less than the best, and wouldn't want you to either.


Reach out and say hi. I’d love to know more about what moves you and how I could help you get there.