6 Truly Affordable DIY Projects to Try In 2022

“Doing-it-yourself” is madly popular now, thanks to the ever-present influence of HGTV and other renovation-centric platforms. During the pandemic, millions of people across the country discovered the joys (and realities) of doing their own home upgrades, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

If you’re one of those crafty homeowners who love to get their hands dirty and admire the fruits of your labors — instead of feeling mild dread at the thought of power tools — then we’ve put together this list of actually affordable and fun DIY projects you can tackle right now!

Switch Up Your Color

Fall is the ideal time to refresh a room or change the feel of your entire house with some fresh coats of paint.

The hottest colors in home design right now are actually not what you’d expect. Ditch those boring gray tones for vibrant periwinkle blue, sophisticated sage green, and never-basic glossy black. 

Painting is a low-cost and relatively easy way to update your place regularly without the need for expensive equipment or lots of experience. If you’ve never attempted this before, start off with just one wall for an eye-catching focal point you can create in just a day or two.

Laundry Room Re-Do

Nobody really likes doing this particular chore, but why not make it as enjoyable as possible

Laundry rooms take a lot of abuse. Yours is probably cluttered with lost socks, dust bunnies, and used dryer sheets (no judgment), so the first step is a thorough cleaning. Enlist your household’s help to move your heavy machines to ensure you can reach every square inch. Don’t forget to clean your dryer vent!

Adding storage is also a super affordable way to enhance the value of your home. Renowned DIY guru Bob Vila has several clever ideas to transform even the smallest laundry nook into an organizational paradise.

Spa Inspiration

Prospective home buyers are always on the hunt for updated bathrooms, and it’s a DIY project with one of the highest returns on investment.

Even if you have no plans to move, you can create a spa-like atmosphere and a relaxing personal retreat without spending a fortune. Again, a deep clean is the best way to start with a blank slate. 

Here’s how you can easily incorporate calming elements into your bathroom:

  • Bring in living plants and greenery that thrive in a humid environment
  • Declutter and move your grooming supplies to baskets
  • Splurge on plush, luxurious towels (white ones are easy to launder)
  • Upgrade your fixtures such as your shower head and sink faucet
  • Paint the walls your favorite tranquil color
  • Treat yourself to fancy toiletries in spa-worthy packaging
  • Maximize your storage space with shelving, hooks, or upcycled furniture
  • Add a moisture-resistant rug and some soothing natural aromatherapy

The Heart of Your Home

Just like bathrooms, almost any kitchen upgrade has a healthy ROI and is highly in demand — and if your family spends a lot of time there, a design refresh will really improve your mood.

Stainless-steel appliances, quartz countertops, and a gorgeous glass tile backsplash are fabulous if you want to go for a whole remodel, but there are plenty of options for making it seem like an entirely new room without investing that kind of time and effort.

It’s surprisingly easy to revitalize your kitchen with just a few subtle elements, such as:

  • Dramatic pendant lighting
  • Removing cabinet doors
  • Updating your fixtures and hardware
  • Staining, painting, or re-facing your cabinetry
  • Artwork or antique touches
  • Affordable vinyl flooring in a wood or tile look
  • A colorful and durable rug
  • Wall-mounted baskets for storage

Another worthwhile kitchen project is the cleaning and organizing of your pantry if you have one. 

As most kitchen pantries have doors, it’s all too easy to chuck all kinds of stuff in there and forget about it. Get rid of everything you don’t need, wipe down the walls and shelving, clear out the cobwebs, and check out these brilliant hacks for a breathtaking budget pantry makeover.

The Great Outdoors

Whether you’re blessed with a large yard or only have a modest outdoor area, a few quick DIY projects will make this space much more usable almost any time of year. 

Firepits are inexpensive and add a warm place for your family to gather around in cooler weather. You can explore outdoor dining at the same time, as many retail ones come with grill attachments. If you’re going full DIY, of course, you can design and build whatever you want.

It’s crucial to have enough seating in your outdoor enclave. But harsh Chicagoland winters aren’t very friendly to patio furniture. Metal chairs are very durable, you’ll freeze your seat if you don’t have cushions, so those can be stored in a basket inside so they stay nice and warm.

Invite Good Fortune

Give your home a little extra curb appeal and surprise your friends and family by rejuvenating your front entryway with a few charming touches.

When was the last time you painted or replaced your front door? Certain colors are said to improve your luck and protect your home from evil. Complete the effect by hanging a seasonal wreath or brighten everything up with a selection of potted plants and flowers.

Purchase new lighting fixtures for around the door or simply take down your old ones, clean and paint them, and reinstall. Increase nighttime visibility and safety with a set of inexpensive solar pathway lights

Get Expert Advice

Not everyone is a natural Martha Stewart. Most of us need at least a little guidance when it comes to DIY know-how and on-trend home design. It’s always a smart move to get expert advice whenever you can. 

If you’re considering making a bigger change to your living situation than some easy DIY, did you know that Baird & Warner is the most historic locally-owned real estate company in Chicagoland? Our agents are intimately familiar with this unique area, from the heart of the urban center all the way to peaceful, rustic farmland.

Find your comfort zone with the help of our amazingly knowledgeable team — give us a call today!

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Stay Connected

Get the latest news, stories, and advice from the Baird & Warner blog delivered straight to your inbox.


Stay Connected

Get the latest news, stories, and advice from the Baird & Warner blog delivered straight to your inbox.