Baird & Warner Announces Enhanced Relocation Services
Baird & Warner Real Estate has a 165-year track record of powering through by pivoting and innovating even in the most challenging environments. This year is certainly no exception, and as leaders of the company’s Relocation Services group, we took advantage of the circumstances to examine and refine, find efficiencies, and identify opportunities for growth.

In speaking with our corporate clients and following the unexpected shift to remote work, we uncovered that several companies in the coming year will need a refined level of support as greater consideration is given to key professionals who will be offered a company sponsored move. Those select employees and new hires receiving relocation benefits will be more critical to a corporation’s strategic plan than ever before.

Baird & Warner’s VP of Relocation Services, Elizabeth McGrath, CRP, knows her team is exceptionally positioned to deliver the highest level of service and expertise to this unique clientele through its alignment with Relocation Decisions (TM). A firm built with high-touch customized support as its foundation, Relocation Decisions is able to provide a unique set of services with a single point of contact perfectly suited to the needs of this population.

To further refine and enhance the group’s suite of services, Baird & Warner’s VP of Corporate Relocation Strategies, mobility veteran, and Relocation Decisions founder, Sue Carey, SCRP, SGMS-T, has announced that her 2021 focus will be to work more closely with corporate clients and relocation management companies to expand the Relocation Decisions platform. Specific areas of concentration include emerging needs in the areas of talent deployment, talent acquisition, and global mobility.

By bringing together a venerable boutique services firm and an industry leading expert team of nine relocation professionals averaging 11 years of experience with numerous CRP and GMS certifications, this strategic alignment will take corporate services to an entirely new level.