You can make money off your real estate license without ever selling a home.

If you’re an alum of the Baird & Warner licensing school but you’re not ready to commit to selling, you can still make money by joining the Baird & Warner Referral Associates Network (RAN) for a discounted first time membership fee of $75!

With your license in RAN you can make substantial income by simply referring friends, family, and colleagues to a local REALTOR — all without the full time workload and costs associated with having your Brokers license. And, by choosing Baird & Warner RAN to hold your license, you can take advantage of our leadership and reputation, not to mention connection to 2400+ agents to really grow your referral business. 

We make signing up easier with our introductory packet that has everything you need to know to get your referral business started including a Baird & Warner referral email address, and marketing materials. 

Contact [email protected] or call 312.857.9625 for more information.  

*Discounts apply to current or former students of the Baird & Warner Branch of Illinois Realtors licensing and training center.after the first 18 months of being licensed. After the first time discounted membership fee the standard RAN annual fee will be applied.