How Make a New Space Feel More Like Home

The keys are in your hand and the movers are all gone. Now what?

While moving can be incredibly exciting, we know it also comes with some challenges. Settling in and really starting to feel comfortable in your new space is not always easy, and there may be an adjustment period. For some people, feeling right at home takes no time at all; for others, it may take days or even weeks. 

As you move in, one of the biggest things to focus on is making sure that the space feels like yours

Your first few weeks in a new house or apartment are a wonderful chance to add some personal touches, get in the swing of things, and make the blank space feel more like a home. 

Looking for a little inspiration? Here are ten easy ways to make your new space feel like home in no time: 

1.) Get to Know the Neighborhood

To start feeling right at home in a new neighborhood, go out and start exploring all that the community has to offer. There are lots of ways to get the feel for a new area, even during COVID-19. Hop in the car and go for a drive; go for a walk around the block; get to know the public transit system; or check out local websites and digital resources as you search for all the restaurants, stores, parks, and attractions that make your new community special. 

2.) Set Up Places to Work and Play

Remote work has been a major factor influencing homebuyers for some time now — and our state’s recent shelter-in-place orders have underlined the importance of having plenty of space to work and learn from home. To get in the swing of things as quickly as possible, try to set up a space where you can focus and be productive. In addition to setting up your home office or daily Zoom studio, make some space for all the things you’re passionate about, so you can get started right away — from designing your perfect art studio, to setting up your music room, to getting your writing nook neat and organized. 

3.) Bring In Your Favorite Scents

Out with the old, and in with the new! Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful, and is closely tied with our emotions and memories. So, to start making your space feel like home, be sure to pay attention to the way it smells. Get rid of any lingering odors from the previous owners by bringing in aromas you love. Light candles that remind you of your childhood home, break out the potpourri, or start playing around with essential oils and diffusers — whatever you can do to bring a comfortable and welcoming scent into your new space.

4.) Hang Up Art and Decorations

One of the quickest ways to put your stamp onto a space is to decorate it! Whether you’re buying or renting, think about all the fun ways you can personalize your walls, shelves, and mantelpieces. Go out and buy new art that makes you feel inspired; proudly display your cherished family photos and heirlooms; or find a special place for the decorations and souvenirs that make you feel most at home. You may be surprised by how quickly even a few pieces can bring life and personality to your space. 

5.) Create a Place You Want to Come Home To

In those hectic first few weeks of living in a new place, it’s easy to forget that home is so much more than just a place to sleep. Home is where we spend time with our families, rest and recharge at the end of a busy day, and make memories to cherish forever. In short, it’s where life happens — so make your home a place that you want to spend time in! 

What can you do to make your new space as comfortable, inviting, and relaxing as possible? Consider adding comfortable touches like soft pillows and blankets to your living room, or adorn your bathroom with spa-like finishes such as a robe and fluffy slippers. Decorate your coffee table with a stunning centerpiece, or invest in bowls and plates that will make dinnertime feel more festive. 

Think about what you can do to quickly elevate your curb appeal, like planting some new bushes or adding a fresh coat of paint to your door. And remember that comfort starts from the second you set foot inside, so think about all the ways you can make your home entryway pop. 

6.) Get Organized, ASAP

It can be hard to feel at home among piles of boxes and clutter. To start off on the right foot, take some simple steps to get organized as you unpack and settle in. Having everything properly sorted and organized will make it a lot easier to get to know your new home, and make it feel a lot less intimidating. For example, it’s a lot easier to start cooking when you know exactly where all of your pots, pans, and cutlery will be. 

Be strategic in how you use your new home’s storage spaces, and consider using a labeling system that will help you keep track of everything. Add functional new storage elements that will help you make the most of your space, from floating shelves to coat hooks to dual-purpose furniture and decor. 

7.) Fill the Space With Life: Plants, Flowers, and Greenery

Houseplants are a major interior design trend — and for good reason! In addition to bringing lots of color and life to a space, plants can help lift your mood and provide an inspiring sense of purpose. In addition to striking green houseplants like ferns or cacti, consider bringing in fresh-cut flowers, or growing your own indoor herb garden. 

8.) Make Little Changes to Ease In

What projects around the home can you tackle in a few hours — or even a few minutes? Start looking around the space and make a checklist of the DIY projects you can check off, no contractor required. For example, you might consider changing out your locks and doorknobs, replacing the toilet seat, painting an accent wall, or changing up your cabinet hardware or towel racks. Take some time to check on the home’s smoke alarms and security systems, replace your furnace filters, and start installing and syncing up your smart home devices. 

9.) Embrace the Outdoors

Whether you move in during a beautiful spring or a golden autumn, take some time to get to know your home’s outdoor living spaces. Depending on the weather, the first few weeks in your new home may be a great chance to clean off the porch, deck, rooftop, or balcony with a broom or vacuum, and then set up your outdoor furniture and decor. Break out the grill, hang out with a good book, let your dog run around the yard, string up some lights, and enjoy the fresh air. 

10.) Get Into a Routine

Moving into a new space can be a time of transition and change. To make things easier on yourself, try to keep up or start a few beneficial routines. For example, studies have shown that taking an action as small as making your bed each morning can help dramatically improve your outlook and inspire healthier choices.. Settle into a cleaning routine. Get to know your kitchen by cooking for yourself a few nights each week. Schedule plenty of time to play with your dog, or help your children with their homework. Just do whatever you can to embrace your space and get things feeling normal. 

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