Frustrated by a revolving door of leadership? Not here.

We know how important it is for you to have a team of leaders you can trust and a brokerage you can rely on for growth and stability. While other brokerages have frequent turnover and managers who are stretched too thin trying to cover multiple offices, we make sure the agents who join us can count on us to be there for them. 

Our leadership team is made up of people who truly understand what agents like you need to be successful, and they’re committed to providing the very best tools, resources, training, and support to make it happen. And they don’t disappear when things get difficult —  you can count on our leadership to help you meet challenges head on.     

But it’s not just leadership — every office has a dedicated noncompeting manager you can depend on for coaching and guidance. They’re handpicked from our own ranks of experienced, high-performing agents so they truly understand what you need. And, since our managers don’t sell, they’re focused entirely on using their expertise and training to coach agents and help them grow their business.

On top of all this, our long 165-year history has given us the experience and expertise no other brokerage can offer. We know how to overcome difficult times, and we know what agents need to succeed. We’ve been doing this since 1855 and we’re here to stay. Join us —  it’s easier here.