Are You Ready to Sell Your Home? 7 Questions to Ask

Here in Chicagoland, there’s an art and a science to selling your home. From listing to closing, there are many different steps you can take to make this process smoother and more streamlined — but it can often be hard to know where to start. 

Are you really ready to launch into this big life transition? Have you done everything you can to get your home ready to sell? Is your property ready for showtime? And are you working with a real estate professional who is ready to help you navigate all of the ups and downs that lie ahead? 

Getting organized can make it a lot easier to navigate the selling process, from beginning to end — and asking yourself the right questions is a prime place to begin. 

Here are seven key questions to ask as you get ready to sell your home:

1.) Are you working with an agent who will help you understand the local market?

Chicagoland real estate is more complex and dynamic than ever. It’s important to work with a real estate professional who can help you understand the ins and outs of this ever-changing market. When you work with a Baird & Warner agent, you’ll be working with a highly trained, hyperlocal expert who will take the time to understand what makes your property unique, and knows the strategies that will get your home in front of the right buyers at the right time. 

Meanwhile, your Baird & Warner agent will keep you informed at every step of the way, offering a deep bench of local market trends and neighborhood statistics to guide your home sale — all thoughtfully broken down by someone who knows how to make this complicated process smarter and more seamless. 

2.) Are you in the right mindset to navigate the selling process?

The decision to sell your home is a very personal one, and people take this big step for any number of unique reasons. Maybe you’re looking for more space for your growing family. Perhaps it’s time to transition from the city to the suburbs, Or maybe you need a house that will suit your lifestyle — whether you’re looking for the space to put up a chicken coop, a backyard ready for that gorgeous garden, or a bonus room to store all your vinyl records. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to sell, it’s important to remember that selling your home is a process, which will require an investment of time, energy, and focus. Early on, it’s important to sit down with your real estate professional and discuss your hopes, goals, and expectations. Selling your home may take some personal adjustments and thoughtful, strategic thinking — which your broker can help you navigate with confidence and flexibility. Are you ready to think of your home like a seller, rather than as an owner? Are you open to having people tour the space? Are you prepared to work openly with your real estate professional and put your trust in them? Can you look at matters impartially, and be open to making the choices that will help you achieve your goals? 

3.) Can a buyer picture themselves living in this space?

The little steps you and your broker take to get your home ready for prime time can make a big difference. For example, details as small as how your furniture is positioned can impact the way that buyers look at your home. 

Your Baird & Warner agent knows the strategies that can help buyers see your home as their dream home. From staging your home, to painting the walls a neutral shade, to “depersonalizing” the space by taking down artwork or unusual design choices, Baird & Warner agents know what really works — and they’ll work with you to help make your property stand out above any homes you’re competing with. This includes making sure that your camera-ready home makes a great first impression, by bringing in a photographer for a professional shoot at no cost to you. 

Looking to make major renovations before you put your home on the market? Your Baird & Warner agent can help you connect with professionals that provide expert presale renovation services, making it easier to get a home updated quickly and affordably before it’s listed. We partner with Curbio, whose experts make turnkey renovations to your property based on what buyers are really looking and paying for in your market. That means when the home goes on the market, it can sell faster and for a higher price — while making the process as stress-free as possible. Curbio assigns a project manager who will handle the entire renovation quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary to get the home on the market. Plus, the service operates on a “Renovate Now, Pay When You Sell” model, which means there’s no upfront cost to you. 

4.) Are you working with a real estate professional with proven strategies to help sell your property?

Making sure that prospective buyers see your home — and all its best qualities — takes a multifaceted approach. Have you given any thought to what makes your property special? Are you ready to explore marketing strategies with someone who truly knows what Chicagoland buyers are looking for? 

Baird & Warner agents raise the bar on Chicagoland real estate by using a mix of proven tools, technologies and techniques to sell homes of all types. We make the most of every opportunity so your ideal buyer sees your place and wants to make it their home.

Our agents know what it takes to connect your property with the right buyers — from setting up your listing with its own website and retargeting program online, to creating high quality brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials that speak volumes about your property. At the same time, Baird & Warner offers the reach you need. While we know the area like no one else, our agents can bring you potential buyers from around the world, thanks to our position as a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a network of 150,000 professionals across 50 countries. Meanwhile, our relocation services team provides outstanding service to individuals and corporations and can bring even more potential buyers to your home from across the country. 

5.) Have you taken care of your curb appeal?

When it comes to real estate, people do judge books by their covers. Research shows that people often gain their first impressions of people and places within just seconds — and that includes homes. That’s why maintaining your home’s curb appeal is so crucial to drawing in the right buyer.

In fact, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) 99 percent of brokers surveyd agree that curb appeal is important for attracting a buyer. Indeed, 97 percent say that potential buyers find curb appeal important, and 66 percent say that their buyers tend to rank it as a very important factor when considering homes. 

So, what can you do to make a positive first impression? There are plenty of projects that can improve your home’s curb appeal — from simple steps like mowing the lawn, washing the windows, and keeping the bushes and trees trimmed, to more dedicated projects like adding exterior lighting, replacing your house numbers, or planting a striking new garden. Your real estate professional can be a great resource as you think about what you can do to give your curb appeal a boost, and keep your property ready to receive visitors over time. 

6.) Have you handled repairs, decluttering, and cleaning?

As you get your home ready to sell, it’s time to look at your space with fresh eyes. Talking with your broker, think about the little projects and quick fixes that can help your property truly shine. You may be surprised at just how much you can get done in a matter of days. 

For example, organizing or getting rid of unsightly clutter is an important first step in getting your property ready for the spotlight. You may also consult with experts to decide what minor projects to tackle, such as repairing drafty windows or sticky doors, or changing out the hardware on your cabinets.

Finally, talk with your broker about how you can keep your property looking pristine with regular cleanings and maintenance. A bit of vacuuming, dusting, and freshening up can make a world of difference in no time. 

7.) Are you working with partners that can make sure you get to the closing table on time?

Until the keys are handed over, your life is on hold. That’s why having a team that works together to get you to the closing table on time is so important. We get you there fast and with everything you need to make sure the deal goes through, so you can keep moving forward and focus on what’s next.

When you’ve found the right buyer, our agents are skilled at leading negotiations and closing the sale — while also managing the details and coordinating the team working on your behalf, including appraisers, loan officers, title attorneys and home inspectors.

When it’s time to deal with title searches and title insurance, Baird & Warner Title Services makes it easier to get the information you need, and provide the buyer with the required policy against future claims. Every transaction is unique — that’s why it’s so important to work with a trusted attorney who understands your decisions and has the right expertise. Baird & Warner Title is rated as one of the top three title companies in Illinois, with a network of more than 1000 attorneys who are well-versed in all the local laws and regulations that will impact your sale. 

Along the way, your Baird & Warner agent will stay in the center of the transaction and keep everyone working together to make sure you deal moves forward — so you never have to worry about miscommunication or anyone dropping the ball. 

Shouldn’t selling a home be easier?

As the largest independent and family owned real estate services company in Chicagoland, the Baird & Warner family has earned success by putting our clients’ needs first, and always making it easier to navigate the selling process from beginning to end. 

From pricing your home, to getting your property ready to sell, to marketing your listing, to leading negotiations and closing the sale, your Baird & Warner agent knows how to make the process easier. And with mortgage and title services in-house, our One-Stop Shop can transform an intricate, complex process into one that is smarter and more seamless, so your sale goes as smoothly as possible.

While it’s hardly business as usual, we know that the Chicagoland real estate market is still strong. The market is moving — and if you’re ready, you can too.