Simple Ways to Find Inspiration and Comfort From Home -
Simple Ways to Find Inspiration and Comfort From Home

Looking for fresh ways to feel inspired? In these uncertain times, it’s easy to start to feel a bit cooped up. 

Whether you’re looking for meaningful words of wisdom or a fun way to relax and reconnect with your community, here are a few ways to find motivation when you need it most — and all from the comfort and safety of home: 

Find a Motivational Video or Podcast to Share

Looking for someone who knows just the right thing to say? There are hours of inspiring and motivational videos and recordings available for free online, just waiting for you to click play! Here are a few resources and sites to try: 

Stay Connected With Friends and Family

Feeling stuck at home? There are all sorts of ways to reach out and stay connected with the most important people in your life, while staying safe. Keep in touch with your friends and neighbors by phone or text, and see if they need assistance or supplies. You can make phone calls to your loved ones here in Chicagoland and around the country, or use a video conferencing app like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime

Want to make the most of your next video chat session? 

Look for Meaningful Quotes

People have been turning to wise words for inspiration and solace for generations. Here are a few places to find a quote or phrase that will help you see things in a new light: 

  • Embrace the positivity on social media! User embrace hashtags like “#quoteoftheday” or “#quotestoliveby” to share their favorite pieces of advice on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Search for a new favorite quote or rediscover an old classic on a site like BrainyQuote, ThinkExist, or Goodreads.

Look for Positive News Stories

It’s easy to get caught up in the endless cycle of news and updates available on TV and across social media. While the news can sometimes feel overwhelming, there are also lots of positive stories to savor — about communities coming together, random acts of kindness, and inspiring ways that people are adapting and making the most of their time at home. 

Want to hear more about the good things happening around the world? 

Enjoy Some Local Art and Culture

When you need to hit reset, there are few better ways to recharge than getting lost in a great work of art or exploring a legendary museum. Here are some ways to continue enjoying Chicagoland’s best galleries and cultural institutions from the comfort and safety of home

Chicagoland, We’re By Your Side — No Matter What

This is the time to remember what’s truly important — health, family, and the bonds that tie us together. Whether it’s now serving as a school, office, playground, or simply a safe space, our home has never been more important. We know this is as well as anyone. At Baird & Warner, Chicagoland has been our home since 1855.

We are here for you, no matter what. We understand that you still have important real estate decisions to make, and our mission is to make achieving those goals easier. We will continue to provide the most updated information and guide you through this extraordinary time with a calm and steady hand. We know how resilient our Chicagoland community is — and we’re confident we’ll get through this together, stronger than ever.