Baird & Warner Title Services Makes Closing Safer

Even with everything going on in the world, you still have to move forward with your important real estate decisions — and we’re here to make that easier and safer. Baird & Warner Title Services, our very own title company, has developed some of the first 100% contactless and remote closing options in the state. Your safety and comfort are our top priority, and now you can close without worrying about your or your family’s well-being when you work with a Baird & Warner Title Services partnering attorney.

Title companies have promoted remote closings in the past, but they still require “wet” signatures and the presence of a notary. With social distancing being a top priority, our team immediately got to work collaborating with vendor partners, title underwriters and county recorders to develop truly contactless closing options.

Closing Options

  • 100% REMOTE CLOSING: For cash-only closings, we can help you close without any contact. Closings with a loan are subject to lender approval.

  • VIRTUAL HYBRID CLOSING: A scheduled video conference with the closer, attorneys and you. A wet signature is still required, but can be done through curbside closings or window witnesses.

  • CURBSIDE CLOSING: Attorneys review documents in advance of closing and the buyer signs them from the safety of their vehicle.

Notary Options

  • REMOTE ONLINE NOTARIZATION (RON): We can coordinate an entirely electronic notarization process with digital documents, signatures, and notary seals.

  • REMOTE INK-SIGNED NOTARIZATION (RIN): The notary can observe an ink signature via video conference.

  • WINDOW WITNESS: Our notary will travel to your home to observe your signature through a window or at a safe distance.

And, if you still prefer a traditional closing, we’ve got your back there, too. Baird & Warner Title Services attorneys are taking every step to ensure safer in-person meetings by limiting the number of people in the room, maintaining a safe distance and sanitizing all materials.

On top of that, we brought our team of closers and our attorney partners up to speed in record time, so we can give you a seamless experience.

No matter what, we’re here for you.