Transitioning Your Home from Winter to Spring -
Transitioning Your Home from Winter to Spring

After months of shoveling snow and keeping cooped up indoors, the first days of spring can feel downright magical. Here in Chicagoland, people welcome spring in all sorts of ways — and one of the most important and fulfilling things you can do is get your home ready for the season. 

Just like it may take you some time to adjust as we move from winter to spring, your home may need a little help getting ready for the changing weather to come. The “in-between” days of late February and early March can be a great chance to look for damage caused by a freezing winter, and get your property ready for the warmer, wetter days ahead. 

So, what can you do to help your Chicagoland home spring forward after a long, dark winter? Here are some simple steps you can take to get your home ready for spring, inside and out: 

Getting the Exterior of Your Home Ready for Spring:

As the weather begins to change, do a walk around the outside of your home to see if the brutal winter weather left a mark. You can learn a lot — and start building a solid spring “to-do” list — by examining your lawn, taking a look at your home’s foundation, and getting on a ladder to inspect your roof and gutter. From there, here are a few outdoor spring maintenance projects you may want to consider: 

  • Check and clean your gutters. Though you may have cleaned your gutters at the start of the winter, take another look before spring rolls in. Clean out leaves, twigs, and other obstructions, and make sure that water is flowing and draining properly through your gutters and downspouts. 
  • Look for damage or wear. On your walk, be sure to look for damage caused by ice, snow, or low temperatures. Look at your roof for loose shingles or damage, and inspect your foundation for cracks or gaps. You may need to seal your windows or doors if they came loose during the winter, or patch up or replace screens if you notice holes or tears. Similarly, take a look at your deck for loose or damaged boards, and seal up any cracks in your walkway or drive. 
  • Get your exterior plumbing ready to go. Take a look at your pipes inside and out, to look for cracks or damage from the winter, as well as leaks, wet spots, or water damage. Remove pipe wrap and insulation, and turn the flow of water back on for your exterior spigots and hose bibs. 
  • Have your HVAC serviced. The start of the spring season is a great time to have your home’s heating, ventilation, and cooling systems assessed and serviced by a professional. For a DIY project, you can replace the air filters around your home, and clear away debris or overgrowth that may have built up around your outdoor AC unit. 
  • Set your lawn and garden up for success. Before April showers can bring May flowers, it’s up to you to get your yard and garden ready for success. The early days of spring are a great time to fertilize your soil, uncover plants, and start strategizing for the warm days of summer still to come. 
  • Clean your patio, deck, or rooftop. Sweep and vacuum your outdoor areas to get rid of dust and debris. Wipe down your railings, clean your windows and sliding doors, and give your light fixtures a quick wipedown. 
  • Bust out the toys. Spring is the season of outdoor living, so start thinking about uncovering that patio furniture, getting your grill ready for cooking, servicing your lawn mower and garden equipment, and breaking out your spring outdoor decor, like doormats or signs. 

Transitioning Your Interiors from Winter to Spring:

After spending the winter months stuck inside, you may have a little bit of cabin fever. Fortunately, the start of the spring season presents a wonderful opportunity to refresh and rethink your space, in just a few simple steps: 

  • Do a deep clean. Spring cleaning is a popular pastime for a reason. Thoroughly cleaning your space is a great way to hit refresh. In addition to mopping and vacuuming, think about cleaning those areas you often overlook, like baseboards, high corners, or the flooring underneath furniture and large appliances. 
  • Declutter. Out with the old! Spring is a prime time to sort through your stuff and start determining what you can recycle, reuse, donate, or throw away. You can focus room by room, or category by category. Since outdoor living may be high on your mind, this might be a great time to focus on decluttering and reorganizing your garage. 
  • Let the light in. After a gray winter, a little spring sunshine can totally transform your space. Clean your windows and consider replacing heavy winter drapes with lighter curtains. You could also think about the best ways to bring more light inside, such as adding decorative mirrors around your home. 
  • Bring in plants, flowers, and natural elements. Houseplants can make your home feel renewed and rejuvenated. Embrace the bounty of spring with flowers, greenery, succulents, and cacti, or even simple natural decor items like branches or moss. 
  • Think about spring colors. If you leaned on winter accents for a few months, now may be a great time to think about how you can introduce a lighter springtime palette — which may include natural shades, pastels, or airy neutrals. 
  • Swap out seasonal decor. These early days can be a great time to switch out doormats, interior rugs, throw pillows, and other decor items, so your space can go from “festive winter” to “pleasant spring.” 
  • Rethink your space. If you’ve grown tired of your home’s layout, now can be a great time to rearrange your furniture, whether you’re looking to maximize your space or simply help your most-loved rooms feel like new again. 
  • Bring in sweet spring scents. In addition to fresh flowers, essential oils, diffusers, and candles can all help you breathe in the sweet scents of spring, all season long. Look for earthy or floral scents that bring you closer to nature, or embrace the fresh feeling with clean aromas and bright notes of citrus. 

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