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10 Housewarming Gift Ideas That Are Adorable and Practical

At Baird & Warner, our agents are known across Chicagoland for making the real estate process easier, at every step of the way — and that includes after the closing is all wrapped up! Once buyers have signed on the dotted line, many of our agents love to show their support with a custom closing gift. What better way to help clients move forward and settle into their new homes following one of the biggest days of their lives? 

Throughout the 1980s, for example, Baird & Warner produced a branded cookbook that became an incredibly popular closing present. The book was stuffed with recipes for comfort food classics, and even featured tidbits and ideas from celebrities like Sally Field and Paul Newman. 

Of course, we also know that there’s no one recipe for finding the perfect closing gift. Whether you’re attending a housewarming party for friends, looking for a way to say “congratulations” to a family member, or hoping to warmly welcome a new neighbor into your community, it can be tricky to find a present that truly says “welcome home.”

Looking for housewarming gifts for friends or family that are celebratory, fun — and actually useful? Here are a few ideas to add to your list for the new homeowners in your life: 

1.) Gift Cards for Local Businesses

Getting to know a new neighborhood can be an important first step in making someone feel at home. Help them go out and explore — and get their last-minute home purchases taken care of — by providing gift cards to your local favorites, from one-of-a-kind restaurants, to charming boutiques, to neighborhood bookstores and hardware shops.

2.) Houseplants or Flowers

A little greenery can totally transform a space — bringing a pop of color, a wonderful scent, and a calming energy into the home. Houseplants and flowers can be an excellent gift for all sorts of new homeowners, from total green thumbs to avid interior design enthusiasts. Resilient plants like succulents and cacti may be the best choice for novice growers, while home cooks may appreciate the gift of tasty fresh herbs, such as parsley, cilantro, or mint. 

3.) Locally Themed Home Decor

From the city to the suburbs, Chicagoland is made up of many different neighborhoods, each with a unique history and character of its own. To help new homeowners embrace their new community, why not look for decor that celebrates the area? A framed map of the neighborhood or a painting of a local landmark can be tasteful and elegant additions to any space, and a powerful way to help your family and friends feel right at home in their new community. 

4.) A Brand New Welcome Mat

Whether the new homeowner ditched their old welcome mat when they moved, or needs a finishing touch that better reflects their current style, a doormat can be a stylish and functional gift that makes a new house really feel like a home. In addition to serving as a chic, rustic, or welcoming piece of outdoor decor, a personalized mat can help new visitors wipe off their feet before they come inside, helping keep those pristine floors, rugs, and carpets free of unwanted mud and dirt while the new homeowner settles in. 

5.) Certificates for Massages, Cleaning Services, or Food Delivery

Buying a home and moving in can bring along some of the most action-packed and busy days of a person’s life. Why not offer a “welcome home” gift that can help your friends relax, unwind, and focus on really enjoying their new space? Look for housewarming gifts that can take some of the hassle out of the big move, like certificates for local cleaning services or delivery from a convenient local restaurant. Or, you could offer a gift certificate to a nearby spa or massage center, to help them decompress and pamper themselves after the hustle and bustle winds down. 

6.) Return Address Stamps or Stickers

At the start of a new year, it can be hard to adjust to writing down the new date whenever you sign a check or fill out a form. The same goes when you move into a new home! Help the new homeowner avoid any confusion or frustration with a handy stamp set or sticker set complete with their name and new address, so that labeling mail with a return address can be a total no-brainer — and stylish, to boot. 

7.) A Cozy Blanket

At the end of a long day, what could be better than cozying up in a plush, comforting blanket? Give the gift of comfort and peace with a blanket in the new homeowners’ favorite material — whether that’s wool, fleece, cashmere, cotton, flannel, or faux fur. Depending on the material, you may also be able to have the blanket personally monogrammed or embroidered, for a finishing touch that makes the decor piece stand out. 

8.) Convenient Storage Solutions

Many people see moving into a new space as an excellent opportunity to get rid of clutter, and look for convenient new ways to get their home organized and store their favorite things. Your housewarming gift can be a great help! A practical, functional gift for the space-saver in your life might include metal racks for wine or spices; a versatile, spinning lazy susan; or stylish wicker baskets that can be stashed away or hung on the wall. 

9.) Personalized Home Goods for the Kitchen and Bath

Stocking up the kitchen and bathroom of a new home can be a pretty big undertaking. Help your friends or family fill up these spaces and add a custom touch with personalized, functional accessories. Some ideas may include an engraved cutting board, personalized dish towels, fresh-smelling hand soaps, or embossed drinkware. Get creative, and think about what the new homeowner on your list would really treasure and use every day.

10.) Candles, Oils, and Other Sweet Scents

Help the homeowner really embrace that “new home smell” with fragrant gifts that suit their unique style. Hand-picked candles, essential oil diffusers, floral dish soaps, and misting sprays can all be a powerful gifts that help the homeowner put the perfect finishing touch on their new space. 

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