How Relocation Services Can Help Corporations Recruit and Retain Top Talent

When you’re responsible for building something great, you know the importance of creating the right team. As your business prepares to tackle the next big thing, one key step for success is to recruit and retain the talent that can help your organization reach its loftiest goals. 

Scaling up can be a major undertaking, with some major challenges along the way. In fact, in one study cited by The Business Journals, 76 percent of hiring managers say that they believe “attracting high-quality candidates is one of their top challenges.” According to a report from Harvard Business Review, “hiring talent remains the number one concern of CEOs,” and many chief executives “view the unavailability of talent and skills as the biggest threat to their business.” 

For human resources and recruiting teams, one way to entice and retain top talent may be to offer relocation services. Have a streamlined relocation process in place can empower your current employees to voluntarily transfer to a new location, while also making it easier for new hires to come and join your team. 

What’s more, a growing body of research suggests that offering relocation services is one of the single best ways to: 

  • help your brand attract top talent from around the globe, and 
  • deepen your relationships with the talented and productive team members you already have in place

Studies have shown that employees who relocate are often more productive at work; one relocation industry study found that employees who have relocated are significantly happier and more engaged at work, compared to the U.S. average. 

At the same time, research has indicated that that employees are not just open to the idea of relocation — many actively embrace it! One 2014 survey of workers cited by Forbes, for instance, found that a third of job seekers (35 percent) are “hunting not just for a new position, but for a new city as well.”

Another study, led by indeed, looked at the benefits of relocation in the tech sector, as of 2019. This project found that 57 percent of tech workers say that they have moved for a new job in the past, and 80 percent say that they have considered moving for a new job. 

Among those tech workers who have considered relocating, 65 percent said that they would be motivated to relocate for better career opportunities, according to the study. 44 percent say they have considered moving because they simply want a change, and 40 percent would move for “a fresh start.”

Among tech workers who are employed by companies that offer relocation, more than half (51 percent) say that they would be willing to move depending on the location, while a third (33 percent) say that they would “definitely” relocate if given the chance. In particular, millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 are the most likely to “definitely” relocate, while Gen Xers are the most willing to relocate if the location is favorable to them. 

Looking more locally? In recent years, Chicagoland has repeatedly been cited as one of the top areas in America for corporate relocation. Forbes has named the Chicago metro as one of the top ten cities for relocation in the country, and suggests that the area has become a top draw for job seekers in fields like engineering, marketing, operations, and sales. 

Meanwhile, according to a report from the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago DMA was named the “top metro area in the nation for corporate relocation and investment” in 2018 by Site Selections magazine — marking the fifth straight year the Windy City region came out on top, thanks to its “impressive transit-oriented, mixed-use redevelopment” and affordable housing stock.

Looking to Make Corporate Relocation Easier?

Whether you’re an individual seeking to relocate to Chicago or a corporation recruiting and relocating employees around the country, Baird & Warner has solutions to make the transition easier for everyone. Our relocation services team is made up of experienced and respected leaders in the industry, with an incredibly high level of knowledge in employee relocation. We’re also proud to be a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, which can open the doors to more than 150,000 real estate professionals in 70 countries around the globe. 

Whether you’re relocating one employee or 1000, we offer a wide range of mobility solutions for companies on the move. Local, cross-country, or international, we can streamline your corporate relocation process from start to finish and make the job easier for your human resources and recruiting teams — so your business can focus on doing what you do best.