How to Balance Summer Entertaining with Home Showings -
How to Balance Summer Entertaining with Home Showings

You’re hosting a BBQ in less than two hours, and eager buyers just reached out asking to see your home at the exact same time. Some might call it Murphy’s Law, but I call it a typical weekend when you have a home on the market during the summer. No need to fear; just follow these tips to easily host friends and family, as well as a home showing during the summer.

Double Booked? Let Me Help.

Selling your home can already be a stressful time. Adding houseguests and gatherings to the mix doesn’t exactly relieve that stress. Let me help make it easier. We can talk priorities to make sure you put your home’s best foot forward with both an open house and your college friends. The good news is the preparation for hosting either house guests or prospective sellers follows similar rules. Make sure the home is decluttered yet still has some personal items, like photos, to maintain warmth. Adorn the front door with a wreath, or add flower pots to the front porch.

Make Your Guests Feel Welcome — But Set Some Ground Rules

Whether your family or friends are staying in the guest room, or on the living room sofa bed, make sure you have dedicated closet space so they can keep their bags and belongings out of sight. There’s a fine line between a lived-in look and a look that veers toward sloppy. It also helps relieve stress for you and your guests if you set expectations so they understand what you need to make the home tidy for showings. You can reward them with an early dinner and drinks on the town — which also clears the home for the prospective buyers.

Flexibility is Key

Let’s have a conversation so we can work together to manage guests and showings. For example, tell me when you’re hosting guests and want to forego showings for the afternoon. Or let me know if you’re able to accommodate showings, but just need some extra notice. Keep in mind, buyers often have a limited window to tour a home, so it’s not always in your best interest to block off three days due to hosting obligations.

And above all keep in mind that, as a team, we’re in this together. There are a lot of ways for us to make it easier to have a successful showing and enjoy your summer at the same time.