Three Key Considerations for Selling Your Home In the Summer

There’s nothing like summer in Chicagoland — but can listing your property during the hottest months of the year help turn up the heat on your home sale?

Spend any amount of time looking around online, and you’re going to hear conflicting advice about selling in the summer. Some sources may encourage sellers to avoid listing in the summer months, while others say that it’s actually one of the best times to put your home on the market.

In practice, the answer is going to fall somewhere in the middle. Selling your home in the summer comes with its own unique set of advantages, as well as some particular challenges to be aware of. Selling in the “dog days” is going to be the right move for some sellers, even if it won’t necessarily be the right path for everyone’s goals.

Considering if summer is the right time to begin the process of selling your Chicagoland home? Here are three keys to success to keep in mind:

1.) Know Your Audience

When you and your real estate team take your listing to market, it’s important to remember that you’re selling a product. Like any transaction, a key part of marketing and making a sale is going to come down to understanding who you’re selling to.

During the summer months, it’s going to be particularly important to work with your real estate agent to understand the pool of buyers that is going to be out there, searching for a home like yours.

On the one hand? The summer months can be a tricky time for reaching homebuyers. This is a season where many people go on vacation or travel for days or weeks at a time. Many families will have their hands full with kids being out of school, while also balancing a calendar full of block parties, pool days, relatives visiting town, and other summer activities. Meanwhile, for some prospective buyers, the hot, sticky weather can be a turn-off, causing them to stay indoors rather than going out and actively exploring the real estate market.

On the flip side, it’s also important to remember that many buyers are going to be more engaged and active during the summer months. Many families with kids are going to want to settle into a new home before the start of a new school year, and many people’s schedules open up after Memorial Day, making June and July a prime time for house hunting. Many buyers are going to have more flexible work hours, giving them more time to engage in their home search. And the summer season can also attract particularly motivated buyers — including people who are ready to commit after searching all spring, families who need to find a home before school starts back up, and those who want to make sure that they move and take on new home projects while the weather is still favorable.

2.) Bring the Season Into Your Staging

With long days, cool nights, and bright sunshine, summer can be a beautiful time to be in Chicagoland — and that’s one of the big advantages of the season for sellers, who can use the summertime to showcase their homes in the best possible light.

For many sellers, the summer can be a great opportunity to focus on home maintenance, including taking on the projects and updates that can help make a listing stand out. If you’re interested in selling in the summer, be sure to talk with your real estate agent about all of the ways you can make your home shine to prospective buyers, including:

  • Increasing curb appeal by mowing the lawn, planting flowers, trimming trees, and so on
  • Adding new outdoor design elements that can help show off your exterior living spaces
  • Including colorful design accents inside, reminding visitors of the summer season
  • Planting flowers, herbs, and greenery, both indoors and out
  • Using your windows, doors, and skylights to bring in lots of natural light
  • Having lemonade or cool summery snacks ready to go
  • Showing off the potential of your HVAC systems
  • Exploring creative ways to showcase or market your property, like hosting summer parties or holding an open house alongside a community event

3.) Find the Right Price for Your Home from the Start

Whether you’re interested in selling your home in the winter, spring, summer, or fall, one of the most important steps you can take is pricing your home correctly from the start. Finding the right price for your property is going to come down to many different factors, and will often take a deep understanding of local real estate market trends for your area.

For example? Selling in the summer is often going to come down to understanding how the market works in your area. In some cases, there may be fewer listings on the market in June and July, compared to August or September, when more homes linger on the market or hit the listing sites in anticipation of fall. In other cases, inventory could remain consistent throughout the season, or peak earlier — say, in late spring. All of these circumstances can affect buyer behavior, and influence how much you may want to list your home for.

Similarly, in some markets, the average market value of local homes can change significantly with the seasons. Often, real estate pros determine how much to list a home for based on the sales prices of comparable properties nearby. This may mean that you may be able to get a higher price for your property if other local properties recently sold for a higher price. With lots of demand for available inventory, summer can lead to higher sales prices in some areas, particularly compared to other, less active times of the year — which could mean good news for your bottom line.

In short, having a successful sale is going to be all about understanding your local market, so you can leverage real estate trends to your advantage. And it all starts with building the right real estate team, including a broker who can bring unparalleled insight and experience, and a deep knowledge of local market conditions, to the sale of your home.

Let Baird & Warner Make Your Summer Sale a Breeze

At Baird & Warner, we believe that selling a home should be easier — in the frigid days of winter, or the dog days of summer!

As the largest independent and family owned real estate brokerage in Chicagoland, Baird & Warner has earned the respect of the brokerage community by always putting our clients’ needs first, and making it easier to navigate the selling process at every step of the way.

From getting your home ready to sell, to marketing your listing, to leading negotiations and closing the sale, your Baird & Warner agent can be your trusted advisor and selling expert — so you can focus on soaking in another beautiful summer in Chicagoland. 

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Get the latest news, stories, and advice from the Baird & Warner blog delivered straight to your inbox.


Stay Connected

Get the latest news, stories, and advice from the Baird & Warner blog delivered straight to your inbox.