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A culture of collaboration that breeds success. Surprised?

We’ve heard more than once from agents that, “If I’d known, I would have joined a long time ago.” 

Baird & Warner has always fostered an environment of working together with the same goal in mind. In our culture of collaboration, we’re not just here to grow our business, we’re here for each other — it’s just the right thing to do.

From fighting for equal housing rights in the 60s, to giving millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours to housing-related nonprofits through our Good Will Network since its 2002 founding, our company has always prided itself on doing the right thing. Our CEO Steve Baird took the words right out of our mouths when he said, “It’s not just about being the biggest — it’s about doing things the right way, empowering people, and building a solid foundation.” 

Our company has won the Chicago Tribune’s No. 1 Top Workplace award in real estate 7 times in a row because here, we’re empowered to be the most effective professionals in an environment that’s set up for our success and our wellbeing. 

So it’s no surprise when someone joins us and says, “I had no idea.”