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10 Bucket List Things to See and Do in Rosemont

Located west of Chicago, just a stone’s throw away from O’Hare International Airport, the Village of Rosemont is a small area that leaves a big impression.

Officially incorporated in 1956, Rosemont has long been a destination for people from all across Chicagoland, who head out looking to enjoy one of this area’s great restaurants, stay at one of its lavish hotels, or experience one of its unique attractions.

So, what are the spots that keep luring visitors and residents from all over to Rosemont? Here are ten “bucket list” things to see, do, and try in this suburban hub:

1.) Experience the Thrill of a Live Event at AllState Arena

Looking to experience the thrill of live sports, comedy, or music, surrounded by a few thousand of your closest friends? Since 1980, the Allstate Arena has been packing in crowds for one-of-a-kind live events. This massive arena seats more than 18,000 spectators. It’s the home to the howlingly entertaining Chicago Wolves ice hockey team, and also hosts a wide variety of other events throughout the year, from bull riding, to monster truck shows, to concerts from some of music’s biggest superstars.

To see a schedule of upcoming events and learn more about the arena, the venue’s official site is available here.

2.) Shop The Latest Trends at Fashion Outlets of Chicago

Are you the sort of fashionista who’s always hoping to score the latest looks, without having to break the bank? Rosemont is home to the sprawling Fashion Outlets of Chicago, which plays host to more than 130 designer outlets, including Gucci, Prada, Michael Kors, Forever 21, and Nordstrom Rack. Make a day of it by stopping at one of this two-level shopping center’s excellent dining options for a bite to eat.

Ready to plan your next bargain-finding expedition? You can find a directory of shops at Fashion Outlets of Chicago’s site, here.

3.) Savor a Classic Steakhouse Experience

For a lot of people, the idea of Chicagoland dining is all about one thing — the steakhouse. From the roaring ‘20s on, Chicagoland has been known as a destination for those looking to savor delicious meats and flavorful vegetables, served up in style with white tablecloths and other elegant finishes. If you’re a certified fan of the classic steakhouse experience, Rosemont has a number of spots sure to satisfy, including Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, and Gene & Georgetti.

4.) Get Your Laugh On at Zanies Rosemont

When you’re looking to laugh in Chicagoland, Zanies is one of the first spots to hit. Known for drawing in big-name headliners from all around the country, Zanies Rosemont is your one-stop shop when you’re looking for a night of excellent entertainment. Ready to discover the next big thing in comedy before everyone else? Zanies is also a great spot to see up-and-comers as they get on their feet and start the path into the spotlight.

For a schedule of upcoming acts and more information, be sure to visit Zanies Rosemont’s official site, available here.

5.) Bask in the Cuteness at the Museum of Hummels

People from all over the world collect Hummel figurines. These little porcelain statues, which became popular in Germany before taking off here in the United States, are known for their iconic look, and rare edition figurines are known to be quite expensive. Rosemont is home to the Donald E. Stephens Museum of Hummels, which is said to be the largest public display of the legendary figurines anywhere in the world. The museum is free to the public, so you can browse the rows of rare artifacts to your heart’s content.

For more information on the Museum of Hummels, you can visit its official page, available here, or see what past guests have had to say on TripAdvisor, here.

6.) See a Show at Rosemont Theatre

When world-class entertainers and full-scale Broadway productions head out on tour, the Rosemont Theatre is always high on the list of places to perform. This theater, which features plush seating, spectacular sightlines, and an incredible state-of-the-art sound system, is a hidden gem for lovers of live entertainment in Chicagoland. The events calendar at this large and welcoming performance space features everything from comedy, to dance, to concerts.

Want to see what the Rosemont Theatre has in store in the coming months? To plan your visit, check out the Theatre’s official site, here.

7.) Relive College Sports History at the Big Ten Experience

If you’re a fan of college sports, then you’ve definitely heard of the Big Ten. One of the most compelling conferences in college athletics, the Big Ten has an official outpost in Rosemont, and it’s well worth a visit for any dedicated fan of sports and history. Located inside the Big Ten Conference Headquarters and Conference Center is the Big Ten Experience. Free and open to the public, this interactive museum allows visitors to play games, and experience video and audio displays highlighting memorable student-athletes and iconic events, dating all the way back to the conference’s founding in the 1800s.

To learn more about the multimedia exhibits on display at the Big Ten Experience, you can see a full list of features at the Big Ten Conference Center’s site, available here.

8.) Get Whisked Away to Europe at Hofbrauhaus Chicago

Serious beer aficionados know that Germany is one of the world’s finest destinations for discovering and appreciating delicious brews — preferably with a pretzel or a sausage in hand. For those who want to experience the charms of an authentic German beer hall, without having to book a plane trip overseas, Hofbrauhaus in Rosemont is the next best thing. Serving up truly authentic German drafts and a menu of hearty Bavarian food, this massive space features ample seating, including indoor and outdoor gathering spaces absolutely perfect for sharing a sudsy stein with friends and family.

To see a menu and learn about the history of Hofbrauhaus, you can visit the beer hall’s official site, here.

9.) Live Your Fandom at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

No matter what you love, you’re bound to find an event worth checking out at the Donald E. Stephens Center. With more than 840,000 square feet of exhibition space, this enormous convention center at the heart of Rosemont plays host to meetings, trade shows, and plenty of other gatherings and special events throughout the year. One day, this enormous events space may be home to a jewelry convention; the next, it could be the site of an auto show, or a gathering of anime fans.

To see a schedule of upcoming events or discover more about the facility, be sure to visit the Center’s official web page, here.

10.) Come Together at Parkway Bank Park

For many visitors to Rosemont, Parkway Bank Park is best known for its collection of bowling, dining, and entertainment venues. But at the center of it all is a lovely green space, which plays host to all sorts of wonderful events during the year. Most famously, this common area is the site of a massive, climate controlled skating rink during the winter months. But you’ll find some great events in this spot during all seasons, from outdoor Zumba classes to live music performances.

For more information on events at the park, you can visit its official site, here.

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