Six Surprising Ways to Use Color Around the House

When you first think of the best ways to include color in your home decor, you may gravitate towards the paint on your walls or the cushions on your couch. These are never bad starting points for introducing a little color — but they don’t have to be the end of the story! You can add new shades and tones to your home in many different ways, some that you might not expect.

Whether your place is in need of a total color overhaul, or you’re just looking for a little splash of brightness to jolt things up, here are six exciting and surprising ways to think about integrating new colors into your home.

1.) The Front Door

In many cases, your front door is the first thing that visitors see when they stop by — and yet this potential focal point is often one of the most overlooked areas of many homes.

Whether you choose a more subdued hue like grey, or opt for a zing of red or yellow, painting your front door a shade beyond the obvious white or brown can help bring a new sense of life to your residence, before you even step inside.

2.) Interior Doors

Now that we’ve covered the curb appeal of your home with the front door, what about the doors inside your home?

This can start with the inside portion of your front door, and carry throughout the home. Adding a bold color to your home’s interior doors can signal to visitors that your house is far from ordinary.

If painting the door to a major area of your home (like the master bedroom) seems too daunting, start with something small. Think of your pantry door, the door leading into your laundry room, or even a closet door. Could any of these be revitalized by a splash of paint?

3.) Accent Wall

Changing up the colors around your home doesn’t have to mean adding a new paint color to every surface. Instead of tackling every wall at once, you can add a new sense of life to a room by simply changing the color of one wall instead of all four. This is known as creating an accent wall, and it’s a great way to totally refresh a space, without having to fully commit to a new shade.

And don’t forget to look up — and consider adding a fresh coat to your ceiling. Whether you decide to go down the single-color route or choose an exciting pattern, adding a new shade of color to your ceiling can give any room a new energy.

4.) Your Floors

Your floors are some of the most visible and most used surfaces of your home. Yet in spite (or, maybe, because) of this, it’s easy to forget that a new finish or wood stain can brighten up your favorite room, or even your entire house.

Think beyond just the typical dark stain for hardwood or different shades of carpeting, and consider experimenting. A funky tile, a bright and colorful shade of paint, or a geometric pattern can all help really set your home apart from others on the block.

5.) Old Furniture Pieces

If you’ve held onto pieces of furniture given to you by family, or have found a few antique items that are aching for a new life, a little bit of paint or staining may be the fix you’ve been looking for. A quick paint job may be just what it takes to renew a drab bookshelf or table, or help it reach its true color potential for the very first time.

Adding a new coat of paint can turn an older piece of furniture into one that looks brand new. This is a great way to “upcycle” old pieces, and make them feel fresh and fashionable for years to come.

6.) The “Hidden” Places

Think of the overlooked places in your home. Take a few minutes and really poke around. Does anything jump out? Is there a small patch of space that’s positively crying out for color?

“Blank” spaces, like the nooks you may find within a bookshelf or an old built-in, are a great way to add little bits of color that can have a big impact on your decor.

Adding color is a way to draw attention to these otherwise glanced-over spaces in your home, while also creating a new level of depth and intrigue in spaces that could use a boost.    

Whether you are looking to take a small step into the world of color, or you feel ready to bring a fresh feeling to your whole home, utilizing new shades and tones can be fun and freeing, and may just help you see your old place in a whole new light.

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Get the latest news, stories, and advice from the Baird & Warner blog delivered straight to your inbox.


Stay Connected

Get the latest news, stories, and advice from the Baird & Warner blog delivered straight to your inbox.