How we’re making real estate easier with one-stop shopping.

For more than 30 years, Baird & Warner has been offering residential sales, mortgage, and title services all under one roof — because we know that when our clients can rely on a trusted team of real estate professionals who work together to guide them through every part of their transaction, they have a better experience overall. Instead of the confusion and anxiety that often comes with such a complex transaction, our clients have peace of mind knowing their needs are met. 

That’s why we weren’t surprised to hear that today, more than ever, clients are looking for the one-stop-shop real estate experience. According to a 2015 Harris Poll, consumers want the efficiency, transparency, and convenience that comes with keeping the whole process under one roof. And, overall satisfaction is higher when clients have a trusted team that works together to make their real estate dreams happen.

For us, the proof is in the numbers. Use of our combined services is up more than 180% from 2010 — clients are choosing Baird & Warner because they know it’ll just be easier. If you’re interested in making your next real estate transaction easier, connect with one of our 2,400 agents today.

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Source: Harris Poll, One-Stop Shopping Consumer Preferences NAR and Nielsen October 6, 2015|  1,155 buyers surveyed