Home Maintenance Without The Hassle

Love your home enough to live a full life

After a long week, whether chasing down sales or chasing down the kids, the last thing anyone wants to do is whittle down a tedious to-do list. Home maintenance can throw a monkey wrench in anyone’s weekend plans. When you love your home, you want to take care of it, but being at the beck and call of a house is ridiculous.

Weekends are supposed to be for pottery-making, hiking or seeing a comedy show. So what’s the secret to balancing your hobbies and keeping a well-maintained home?

It’s easy: be mindful of your home. If you anticipate problems that might come up, you can ditch that dreaded maintenance list. Be on the lookout for these signs and you’ll never waste a weekend again!

Your Gutters Are Channeling Their Inner Waterfalls
While most find the sound of rain calming, the sound of gushing water isn’t a good sign. Cleaning your gutters is home maintenance 101. When water is coming down from your gutters in torrents instead of neatly flowing through them the exterior of the house as well as the foundations are at risk of getting damaged. Be sure to regularly clean your gutters, it’s the best thing you can do to protect your home.

Your Dryer Seems Too Hot
Having a warm, fresh from the dryer comforter wrapped around you may be cozy, but not if it’s too hot. Not ideal, but not anything to worry about, right? Wrong. Hot dryers combined with clogged lint vents are the leading cause of house fires.

To prevent this pull out the dryer connection (the tube that connects the dryer to the window), vacuum out all the lint from the pipe and pipe connection with the hose attachment. Then reattach the tube without bending it—pay attention to the fit and make sure it’s not loose either. Or, you can hire a professional to do it!

You Start Smelling Something Musty
If you start noticing a room starting to smell musty, something is going on right under your nose. Remember, your nose knows what normal in your house. Which leads us to…

You Spot Mold or Mildew
Mold and mildew are moisture’s personal tattletales. The good news is that moisture is your home’s archnemesis, so mold and mildew are really doing you a favor. However, finding and getting rid of the water source is extremely important. If you don’t catch it early enough, it will eat at your home’s structure; foundation, walls floors and ceilings included.

You Find a Water Stain
If you haven’t caught the pattern yet, we’ll let you in on our secret: Water is bad news. Spotting a water stain on the ceiling may be signaling a leak in your roof. Stain under the bathroom? It may be a leaky pipe. Under the window? You may need to request a visit from the caulk fairy ASAP.

Your Drain Refuses to Drain (and Gurgles at you)
A clean drain is a healthy drain, and if you have an ongoing gurgle conversation with your shower drain it may be time to call the plumber. The drain may be at risk of a sewer backup—which not only puts your house at risk for unwanted moistures but a lot of unwanted smells as well.

You Hear a Critter… Inside the House
Any unwelcome guest should be ushered out quickly—including furry and adorable critters. Raccoons, squirrels, mice and more are at risk of not only chewing through wires and sparking a fire, but also treating your home like a toilet. Keep all overgrown tree limbs away from your house and patch up holes under roof flashing or rotting fascia. Doing this will ensure all fuzzy visitors will keep their visits to the yard.


Stick to these home maintenance pointers and instead of looking for a plumber you’ll be enjoying your weekends sans problems!