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Home Design for 2016: Get the scoop on this year’s best interior designs!

Another year, another resolution and another reason to redecorate! While you were decking the halls, many interior design experts were busy predicting a bevy of new color schemes, furniture must-haves and other on-trend elements that are sure to bring your home to life in 2016. So get your Pinterest boards ready, it’s time to get trendy!



Bring the Patio Inside

You may have noticed an uncanny resemblance between the patio furniture and family room couches at some of your favorite stores. And that’s because this year’s hot new trend is outdoor fabrics and designs used for indoor furnishings. Think waterproof cushions, durable seams and colorful florals. Decorative pillows are another big item this year.



Circular Furniture

Gone are the days of pointy edges and 90-degree angles! Instead, choose a table that is circular and inviting. For an extra trendy element, look for circular furniture made out of black metal, which is another major design prediction for 2016.



Ombre Your Walls

Interior designers are going crazy for ombre this year. In coming months, you’re sure to see dozens of wallpapers and paint jobs that feature several colors blending into each other. Experts say it adds warmth and evokes a sense of tranquility. Pastels are a great palette for this style — think peach, canary yellow, pewter, lavender and mint green.



Artisan Pieces

Decorate your home with eclectic artisan pieces from around the world. They can be exotic and expensive, or simply something you find at a swap meet. If you’re budget-conscious, small details like an colorful antique tile is a nice addition to any room.  The trick is to find something unique that fits with your existing decor.



Keep it simple

When it comes to making a design statement that still keeps it simple, no one does it better than Scandinavia. This handsome style is known for combining minimalistic elements and color palettes with functional home design. (IKEA may be the most famous and widely used example of Scandinavian home decor.)