More Local Experts to Help You Close

You are the expert in your local community – shouldn’t your team be local as well?

“When you work with a third party appraisal company, you never know where they’re from and what they know about your specific market,” said Steve DiMarco, president of Key Mortgage Services, Inc. “We have created an exclusive network of Chicagoland appraisers, and each contact has been hand picked by us through our distinct selection process. You will be working with a neighbor, not a corporation.”

Through the Key Mortgage Services ValuePro Appraisal Management program, you will be partnered with a fully compliant real estate appraiser who has vast experience in your community. This professional will become part of your full-service team that will respond directly and immediately to any issues that arises during the closing process.

For more information, contact a Key Mortgage loan officer.