Steve Baird Named One of the Most Powerful in Real Estate

Steve Baird has been named one of the most powerful people in real estate in the annual Swanepoel Power 200. Out of the hundreds of national and international leaders included in this ranking, Steve was listed at number 82.

“The SP200 serves to identify those leaders that impact and lead the residential real estate brokerage industry,” Rob Hahn, Executive Editor of the Swanepoel Power 200 said. “We acknowledge their enormous influence and contribution to our industry by detailing their role in improving the overall homebuying transaction and the real estate business in particular.”

The SP200 (Swanepoel Power 200) is a research service annually spanning more than 400 hours analyzing over 1,000 individuals in the residential real estate brokerage industry. Leaders are analyzed for their personal influence, their tenure in the industry, the office the person holds, the decision-making power of their office, the financial resources of the company or organization, the company or organization’s significance and contribution to the industry, the company’s geographic reach, as well as public announcements about pending changes.