Change the Mood With Plants -
Change the Mood With Plants

Nature is preparing for gray winter months, but you don’t have to give up on greenery! Incorporate indoor plants to transform your living space. With a few choice arrangements, you can create a tropical oasis, capture the romance of a first date, or escape to a wooded retreat.

Energizing plants. Brighten your mood during hibernation months with subtly invigorating scents. Lavender, commonly used for relaxation, has a strong fragrance that can also provide a gentle boost of energy. The smells of citrus plants are excellent to uplift and awaken. Rosemary and mint also have fresh scents that energize and invigorate.

Relaxing plants. Chamomile is an ingredient commonly found in tea that, when planted in pots in your home, creates a soothing atmosphere. Roses also promote calm and serenity.

Comforting plants. Indoor plants that require little direct light add a touch of greenery and life to spaces that have little natural accents. Plants like hostas, kale, and ferns can make your space feel warmer and increase your productivity and happiness.