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Water Heater Care

Water heaters are instrumental in everyday life, but are easy to overlook until they break. A little preventative care will decrease the likelihood of major unexpected and inconvenient problems.

Use aluminum instead of magnesium. The sacrificial anode is a rod usually made out of magnesium or aluminum. If the hot water heater has a magnesium rod, switch to an aluminum one to avoid odor problems, as magnesium tends to break down and cause a rotten egg smell.

Get rid of scale and lime. Significantly decrease the rate of lime and scale formation in the tank by lowering the temperature of the hot water heater. You may also install a water softener to reduce buildup.

Provide routine care. Drain and clean the tank once a year for optimum performance. Hire a professional regularly to check the overall condition and health of the water heater and address any concerns before they result in major issues.