Create a Dual Purpose Dining Space -
Create a Dual Purpose Dining Space

Dining rooms are natural gathering places – what’s better to get together around than food? – and this presents many ways to co-op the space and make it multi-use. After the dishes have been washed and the leftovers have found their place in tupperware, a dining space can become a sitting room, a library, a study hall or a place to sit and relax by the fire. It can be anything your family needs it to be. Start with some of these suggestions for creating a dual purpose dining space for your family.

Dining Room/Library

Nothing evokes a learned atmosphere better than a personal library. Build a bookcase around the walls of your dining room. Use comfortable upholstered seats around your table, and you can easily create a library or study area. For bonus points, install overhead speakers and play the classics.

Dining Room/Sitting Room

A fireplace is a home’s master of ceremonies. Create long lasting meals and meaningful dinner conversations by placing your dining space beside a roaring fire. You may have to stoke the coals and replace the firewood before dessert begins, but that is living the dream of a rustic lifestyle.

Dining Room/Art Gallery

For those prone to creativity, turn your dining area into your portfolio. Use everyone’s favorite gathering place as a way to promote your work. Let the art inspire you and double the space as your studio. Create a wall of windows for a faux division or a rolling bookcase for vinyls, sculptures, models and books.

A dining space can be whatever you want it to be. Display what is important to you and invite friends and family to share in your passion.